2018-12-31 Something happening nicely on the New Years eve of 2019

The 200 day moving average have been broken so something must be happening right?
Go watch the WolfPack Cryptos stock market update video and wonder what the year 2019 will bring tomorrow.

2018-12-28 Old World players seeking foothold on the new world

Visa seems to planning on trying it's mighty wings on the crypto arena, according to the news released by cryptobriefing.com. By partnering with a Ripple related fintech company the Earthport.

2018-12-28 Follow the hedge

Holidays are over and it's time to start planning on the year 2019, what would be a better place to start than old news from the beginning of the december, named Bad Omen Worsens by Zerohedge, enjoy.

2018-12-15 Windows Server 2019 including OpenSSH from now on

OSNews posting about Windows Blog news about Server 2019 finally getting OpenSSH support instead of making users to rely on Putty and Cygwin like solutions. FlyingJester said it nicely on the OSNews comments section "Windows Server: Now on par with Unix of the late 1990s".

2018-12-07 Does anyone make a honest HW anymore?

Intel's Minix opertaing system makes you wonder.. why does they haven't advertised are they trying to do something via the internet without you knowing about it? Read the article about the world "most popular OS" and think a while for it.

2018-12-06 Finland's 101 years, congratulations!

Today is a Finnish independency day which marks nations 101th year of independency.
What would be more convenient than getting a little bit more familiria with the Finnish whisky scene? One of the currently most well known distillery is the Teerenpeli's distillery which has already a nice collection of Finnish whiskey. Just remember to taste them responsively.


2018-12-06 Huawei CFO Sabrina Meng arrested in Canada

South China Morning Post (scmp.com) writes a news story which tells that Huaqei's CFO Sabrina Meng Wanzhou the daughter of company's founder was arrested on canadian border because of the request of the US goverment. The reason behind US goverment's request was accusation of breaking the sanctions against Iran.
Would this be a good time for US market collapse and self searching on a nation wide level?

2018-12-04 The Edge ain't sharp anymore

The Windowscentral writes that Microsoft would be planning on changing the Edge browser to the Chromium powered alternative, codename "Anaheim". I can't say are these plans real or not, so go read the article your self and decide is this just a rumor or a real thing.

2018-12-04 NVidia's A.I. is gonna help render your next videogame

The Verge tells that NVidia has created the first A.I. generated videogame demo. Personally I think this will lead to a revolution in the gaming industry in the future. Hopefully the A.I. generated graphics will make some of the textures obsolete in the games and help to reduce the insane size of the modern games we have now days. Other thing that interest me what kind of rig is NVidia using to make this run in 25 frames per second. And as always some of us should be again worried about the A.I. making our jobs obsolete.

2018-11-29 Why use the ISP provider DNS service and

Ever spent a tought could your DNS service be faster?
Well if not now is a great opportunity to do so. Go to www.dnsperf.com and see which DNS service ticks your personal boxes.

2018-11-29 The day of the Wreckoning is near dear internet users and cat lovers

EU is planning on executing a proposal that would but Youtube service to a liability burden when user uploads copyrighted material without the license owner permission. Ok the proposal is as clear you would excpect from a bunch of monkeys.

Especially Article 11 and 13 as they are proposed would also mean that bloggers would in the worst nightmare scenario be blocked in the fear of them uploading copyrighted material even accidently on youtube. Another proposed scenario would be that Youtube would just leave the European continent, which I personally don't see as aliable option for Youtubes business model.
Let the policymakers know what you think about this proposal.

The Verge is also on the tip of the proposal, opening it nicely for more biteable format. The article also clearly brings up the insanity and uncommitability of the proposal's ideas of the 'Upload Filter' and 'Link Tax'.

Last but not least there's a YLE areena video for Finnish users to watch and decide how ready the made proposal is in their opinion.

2018-11-29 Building up our own cage

Kurzgesagt is bringing yet another quality Patreon video to you to ponder on. This time the subject handles the real threat to human space travelling in the shape of space junk.

2018-11-27 Let the commercial whoring begin

Just added this site to the Brave Browser brand awareness campaing.
Just last week I ranted what's wrong with it, but hey nobody else isn't making content creator support
as easy as Brave is trying to do right now.
So why not trying it out your self and building up your own opinion about it?

2018-11-26 A short power outage to celebrate glorious monday

There was a short power outage at westend of Tampere between 08:40-09:05,
which led a downtime for the site. No worries problem was handeled with lightning speed
by the service and all the massive amount of visitors can again enjoy the site.

2018-11-24 More about the Carriota project

For me it sounds like a recipe for a private bank or small business without bank as the middle man, assuming that IOTA/any other crypto will become de facto replacement for fiat money.
Why not spend a couple of minutes forming your own opinion about the carriota project?

2018-11-20 Being Brave isn't enough

I was going to give Brave browser a change and all seemed fine for the first 5min.
GUI was consistent and all seems to be working smoothly, then the little but important things start to emerge.
Chrome heritage starts to creep in and really shows of when you would like make some personal choices related to the interface.

  • Can't import password from a file (why should I trust those lastpass services?)

  • No way the user could disable or customize the about:newtab background, really convenient when using remote desktop connetion to have a new wallpaper everytime you open a newtab.

  • They advertise how you're in control but only way to give feedback is registering to the forums
    and writing a post. This problem affects other browsers as well.
    Why can't there be a inbuild anonymous feedback feature?
    I got no intensions to create yet another online account just to give some three point feedback
    to a some marginal browser that's trying to emerge to the Chrome dominated browser scene.

Could it be that I have missed some settings and I'm wrong with some of the claims made here...
If that's the case isn't that a design problem in the software?

But personally I prefer Vivaldi over Brave, more detailed control and emphasis more towards the usability than the nice looking eyecandy.

Before starting a flamewar consider that these are just opinions of a single user.
To close on the positive note, on the mobile environment Brave is a good choice in my opinion.

2018-11-17 Mozilla defends the Net Neutrality

Against the evil powers of capitalism and their religious believe that you can have enternal market growth while at the same time driving growth with limited recourses, logical? But let's get to the point, Mozilla telling about the fight for defending equal net for everyone in good and the bad in the blog post.

2018-11-17 Say goodbye to the physical definition of the kilogram

Newsline.com writes about the historic vote where the non physical definition of the kilogram was decided.

2018-11-16 Installing Brave browser to OpenSuSE

Anyone interested about the Brave browser can find openSuse installation instructions here.
Brave also support the BAT(BasicAttentionToken) which enables you to pay some ammount of money to specific sites BUT...
You have to have a working phone number and use Uphold's Authy 2-Step verification system and you know what THIS SUCKS.
I personally won't buy it, Why should I be enforced to use their system and install yet another app to my phone
instead of using already existing solutions like the oauthlib+oathtool?
Just tell your favorite site administrator to use IOTA+tangle so they can totally drop any thirdparty ripoff schemes between the content creator and enduser. 2p2 transfers without any fees (ok, the coordinator is still in use because of the size of the network but will be removed in the future).

Why not start by supporting this site: support iota address

2018-11-15 Blender Guru talks about the A.I.

As always, a solid and interesting video from Andrew Price for anyone even slightly interested about 3D or the game industry. And as a bonus if you didn't know you can use Blender as a VSE (VideoSequenceEditor) aka video editor.

2018-11-11 Iniative Q, missing something?

Personally I would be very very sceptical if there's no technical documentation about promised payment network.
Here's a post writing about the same issues that bothers me about this iniative.
Only interesting thing is Q tokens registered on the Ethereum blockchain, according to the www.exponentialinvestor.com post.
Personally I would use my time getting to know more about the Tangle technology that IOTA uses,
which doesn't need massive amount of mining power and electricity.

2018-11-10 Nasa Juno mission photo update

Time to take a deep breath and think the scale outside of our little blue planet.
While at it why not go and see Juno mission images at Nasa webpage related to the mission

2018-11-06 US "peaceful" global politics triggers a response from Iran

Personally I just wonder what kind of logic they use behind the antlantic ocean.
Because I can't come any examples from history where trading sanctions have generated
wealth and global growth to anyone. But hey, I'm just a middle aged Finn..
The Iranian response from Zarif can be found in the RT's news page.

2018-11-05 Anyone interested about oogling my Linkedin profile

I got good news for you, interested person can now fill their curiosity here.


2018-10-17 Buff, release the green magic dragon of the north

According to the CBS Ian Power and Nikko Rose from St-John goes to the history books the first Kanadians to buy legal recreational cannabis. Locally YLE writes about the same news here in finnish.


2018-10-06 You want to miss opportunity of your life?

Appartment at Tesoma with services list you just can't remember all at once. Just go and see what you can find under 10minutes from this appartment in Lielahti concentration.


2018-09-25 You lazy coder monkeys, shame on you

A Blog column from tonsky.me dives in to the issue that has been around in my opinion way too long. It's the state and carelessness of the coder monkeys towards optimizing their damn code. As the column states "Google, takes 13 seconds to open moderately-sized emails" for me this is just intolerable and feeds the HW sales for no reason. Couple of issues usually being that apps don't clean their old files, Windows updates does the same. For example Android apps memory and cpu usage seems usually be way too for the tasks the programs do, like display and send text... <I could carry on...> but go and read the column and build up the Rage Against the Coder Monkeys


2018-09-23 What you should know about Chrome

And Chrome's deep integration with Google services, which shouldn't come to a surprise. Here's a ha.x0r.be post that dives in to this issue, that probably is a non-issue to many average users.

2018-09-23 Blender 2.8 is coming do not miss it!

YanSculpts makes an hastily look to the up coming Blender 2.8, so go an look this video on youtube and spin up your excitement.

2018-09-22 Linus biting in to the NVIDIA RTX

Linus Tech Tips looking NVidia new RTX series graphics cards and what tiny amount of there's yet to be looked and ranting the rest of the time. Because it seems that there ain't that much to test out yet with this card and its capatilities.

2018-09-21 I need this

So Please santa would you be me a one solid gold Mega-Man figure for celebration of the 30th anniversary.

2018-09-19 Where there's a goverment of any kind

There's a new ways of censorship that's made possible by our everlasting hunger for new technology and loose concern of our private data. The intercept.com knows to tell that the communist capitalist party of China is now using modern wester capitalist forces to gain deeper control of their citizens. Only diffrence I see in this move is that Chinese goverment isn't wasting time or resources trying to hide their influence as the Americans seems to be so keen to do.

2018-09-05 Need a new Beta Filesharing service?

Why not give the Pack service a try?
Basicly you just upload a file (max. 200MB) and share two url's for the target user.
For a secure transfer "It’s recommended to use two different channels to send the file and password link".
But for a word of advice I would not recommend using a beta stage service for mission critical data sharing, just saying.

2018-08-25 IOTA Desktop Wallet is available

Long waited royal Iota wallet flush is complete now. All versions of the Iota wallet can now be downloaded from trinity.iota.org. Linux AppImage can be acquired from this link.

2018-08-05 IOTA Hub is ready to be used

Gemma Hall at Helloiota writes that the IOTA Hub is now ready to be donwloaded from from the Github.

2018-08-03 Upbit exchange and IOTA plus Hub

BCFocus reports that South Korea’s big exchange Upbit has added Iota to it's selection. Also Iota Hub has been released to simplify the process to add Iota support. This should help service providers to integrate Iota to their service more easily.

2018-07-24 IRI 1.5.2 Release closing up

Dominik Schiener announced on the medium post that IRI 1.5.2 is coming very soon
New versions main feature will probably be the lazy tip handling that's meant to tanckle the sidetangle issues of the malicious spam networks.

2018-07-20 Tangle coordinator Information

From newly published webpage the coordinator.iotawatch.it.
Explore away around how the coordinator is performing from day to day.

2018-07-10 IOTA Scalability propaganda

Advertising IOTA scalability
because I personally think that the Internet Of Devices is closer than average Joe thinks.
I also dare to argue that you can't escape this destiny
where every machine is connected to the Net somehow. So read on

2018-07-07 European Union awakening to Cities Smart capabilities

According to the Blog IOTA, tangle technology is taking apart on the European +CityChange project.
Project includes European cities Trondheim, Limerick, Alba Iulia, Pisek, Sestao, Smolyan and Voru
that will for the next five years experiment on how to become smart positive energy cities.

IOTA Trinity Wallet Mobile now Public Beta

BETA application for iOS and Android is now publicly available, this release includes also paper wallet version. Desktop Beta will be launched later, "not too distant" future on non-specified date.

Donations are welcome up to 5k€

2018-07-04 SUSE Linux sold to Swedish EQT in $2.5 billion deal

OSNews reports that SUSE Linux is sold to EQT Partners with price tag of a $2.5 billion.
EQT Partners web page verifies the news. Interesting to see how this will affect the
SuSE Enterprise and the OpenSuSE projects/distros.

Plastic pollution

And why everyone should be worried about the over usage of plastic and their effect to all life on earth.
Kurzgesagt gathers the facts to a neatly packaged video for you to consume and ponder.

2018-06-29 GDPR-compliant smart meter as a proof of concept

Erwin Rooijakkers writes a story of a proof of concept smart meter device that uses IOTA Masked Authenticated messaging to grant access to the smart meter data trough Rasberry Pi.
Read the whole story from the Medium.

2018-06-12 Blender never ceases to amaze me

This time I wound this marvelous addon called a Archipack, Included in Blender since version 2.76 I think. Straight forward tutorial can be found at blendernation.com

Wolksvagen testing IOTA based update method

for their autonomous vehicles according to the article by cryptovest.com
Only future shows how this project grows and stays alive, it's going to be big in the next 10 years
or it will be forgotten as on of those 'let's try it out' projects.

2018-06-05 Time to play with the Android SDK emulator

This app will do this time, was enough to get my interest.
My tought is that on the background there is a central server,
so I'm don't totally swallow the total privacy statements.

2018-06-01 Interesting things called audio exciters

Tech Ingredents has done two videos about the subject and for me it has triggered curiosity about wide use cases you can archieve by this technic. First video tries to find out which material works the best for the exciters. Second video dives deeper and looks the effects of the panel shape and aqoustic panels as a new material. Feed your enthusiaism when ever you can.

2018-05-31 You know what, it's time to drop your dollars

According to the RT.com: India have plans to break USD Oil monopoly and bypass US sanctions with bying oil from Iran with rupees. My guess is that by American mai media will soon find the holy center of Isis terrorist in the main square of Iran. As the history has shown to us many times the United States of America seems to have only one solutions to these "terrorist"oil issues usually has involved a lots of bombs and military power. No matter what the opinions of the United Nations opinions have been.
Let's see how the history unfolds this time.

2018-05-30 IOTA/Trinity wallet completion getting closer

Good place to track the progress is Trinity IOTA Roadmap page.

2018-05-28 In my opinion you should,

if you already haven't check a couple of political thoughts from Noam Chomsky
and form your independent view of the political atomosphere now days.
Usually people should use much more media critism than they in my opinion do.
That's the best way to lower the probability of power media propaganda that's feeded for us everyday.
Take a few side steps from main media and read some alternative news and be
amazed how much news are left out from your local daily news and information buble. Over and out.

2018-05-24 buy a appartment from Tampere (repost)

Meager price, good location, short distance from services. What are you st ill waiting for?


Kohdetta myy Kiinteistötalo - Arto Vormisto Oy LKV

Also some Iota related news here.

2018-02-03 Wanna do something with your cpu?

Well you can go to mining page and start mining and supporting my page. :)

2018-05-24 More GDRP related news

According to the info by OSNews: Microsoft extends GDPR's rights to all of its customer.
Article also tries to subtly remind us that the corporate world doesn really care about your rights
before they make them lose money and profit or until goverment gives some regulative order

2018-05-10 Before changing your phone

Consider the following generations and the carbon footprint your decision will have on the planet. After that you can read this consciences burning fact sheet from www.fastcodesign.com

2018-05-10 Ever wondered

How to mount partitions from a dd image? Well you got your answer right here.

2018-05-09 Which city is the capital of metal

Let's find out and vote, you can find the project page here, www.capitalofmetal.fi

2018-05-03 Qubic(iota) details revealed

What I understood it's all about real world integration and liquid transactions between currencies like EUR/USD. Also long predicted smart contacts were promised on the teaser video.
One thing that wasn't explained were outsourced computation, meaning excatly what for Iota?
Watch the video and keep speculating.
What I think is that Liquidity is straight competitor for QASH World Book.

2018-04-28 Gimp 2.10 released yesterday

GIMP 2.10.0 is released. This release is said to contain the result of 6 long years of work according to the release notes. There ain't too many opensource alternatives for Adobe dominance, but to be frank the Gimp haven't never been the fastest tool out there.

What I found in my short test was, shortcut improvements - use of shift key, wrap tool enchanged usability, unified transform tool - no more jumping between transform tools, over 16 bit color support, general speed improvements.

Overall I encourage all old and new Gimp users and curious people to give new release a try.

2018-04-25 IOTA Tangle snapshot at Sun 28th of April

The IOTA team has announced that an IOTA network snapshot will be taking place next Sunday 28 January. Read the full column and the instructions what to do before the snapshot.

2018-04-24 Fujitsu refers that IOTA is their new automation standard

Finder.com writes that Fujitsu is going to use IOTA as new standard across both IT services and manufacturing. you can read the full article here.

2018-04-20 What did I write yesterday?

Google just can't decide... and tries everything when something doesn't come a viral hit instantly.
The Verge - Chat is Google’s next big fix for Android’s messaging mess

2018-04-19 goo.gl will be discontinued

It just doesn't cease to amaze me how dumb decisions Alphabet (Google inc.) continue to do.
First they hatchets Picasa, destroy usability of their photos service while they create this tangled and crippled
monster they call google+, which is fusion of Picasa, Google Photos, Google Drive and everything else.
After all this they some how come to a conclusion that making two IM apps (Duo&Allo) instead of Google hangouts.
Who remembers their Gmail integrated IM service before these?

Referring to Google talk which also was burried by Google's incapability to choose direction and sticking on it.
Most recent decision is shutdown of goo.gl url shortener, which is really well suited to shorten down those annoying Google drive kilometer long url's I sometimes have to share.

All I have to say is "Oh dear..."

World Of Goo

2018-04-18 IOTA charging station is going live today

According to news published by IOTA News, read the article here.

2018-04-18 Facebook container for Firefox

For you to be more in control of what data is shared about your identity and activities.
Now all we need is Chromium to have same kind of add-on. www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/facebookcontainer/

2018-04-16 RSS feed for the site

For all those people who are too lazy to open the browser to see the updates. Here is the oven warm rss feed.

2018-04-14 Story of the Blender

The backstory of behind the birth and creator of the Blender logo

2018-03-20 TipIOTA project

Pumped to this concept beta IOTA project called TipIOTA
Idea is that you can tip and get tipped by your online comments, videos and other media.
Not a unique idea in the crypto horizont but first for IOTA.
Got my attention would make it even easier to tip someone, without the address hassless.

2018-03-02 Iota Drama thickens

Story of the leaked emails and alleged vulnerability, the hacks can happen at anytime sell sell sell
Then there's the legal threats and official statement of the IOTA foundation.
Finally in my opinion much more objective and anti-FUD approach to the situation.

2018-02-17 Be suspicious

for what you see and consider the truth now days. Also watch this video.

2018-02-16 Cobinhood

"DAG-based coins like IOTA and Nano will be rolled out within the coming weeks"

2018-02-06 buy a appartment from Tampere

Meager price, good location, short distance from services. What are you still waiting for?


Kohdetta myy Kiinteistötalo - Arto Vormisto Oy LKV

Also some Iota related news here.

2018-02-03 Wanna do something with your cpu?

Well you can go to mining page and start mining and supporting my page. :)

2018-01-16 Stupidity of mankind

Majority of the neighbour community fears the unknown. That's why we now have 24/7 lockdown and door codes.. on a glass front door.
Oh man that door code on a glass door will really stop those raping immigrants. Hopefully you do understand the writer being sarcastic here..
Like for real?
Do people really have these kind of unrealistic fears?
I got a question for you, why would anybody break in to your house to rape your child beard vagina or smelly man arse?
And how does that glass front door gonna stop the people that have decided to come and lynch you?

I got a suggestion for you all, how about you turn of that social media machine and all the other electrical gadgets. Pour a dram of single malt to the glass and use those lazy, grey brain cells.

Epilogue: I don't agree with the immigrant policy. But last time I checked I belonged to the minority and that's democracy, so I won't bitch about it, I just vote in the next elections and try to see things from different perspective. Usually the problem is not in the individuals, but in the politics. If you don't know or understand something, maybe you should investigate it...

ps: door code is 2018#

2018-01-07 Carriota Finance Manager

Carriota Bolero release is out. You can read more information about Carriota from here.

Decoupling from Bitcoin

Buy miota with EUR in the near future on Omoku.


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