2017-12-22 Cryptocurrency bubble is popping today.

Hold on your tinfoil hats as Bitcoin value crashes and "Goldman is preparing to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies next year." @techcrunch.com Which means they're pulling 180° according to news.bitcoin.com.
Or maybe Russia gov. or Chinese mining pools meddling with the markets?


Toughts from Agam More about Bitcoin and future of IOTA


More Hearthstone rage, why don't you just develop your playing skills?


Big game changers?

Microsoft and IOTA launch first cryptocurrency market for the Internet of Things
and the market place it self.


Dear phone makers,
Why is it so hard to make small, decent Android phones? All I need is listed here:

  • screen size: 4.0" - 4.7", minimum resolution 540x960px
  • removeable battery with capacity +2500mAh, because I don't trust code monkeys
  • non physical android menu buttons
  • root friendly
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Loudspeaker
  • backside camera 8MP+ with a flash and video 720p video capability front camera is not mandatory
  • compatible with Finnish cellural technology 3G/4G
  • microSD card slot, with +32GB capacity support
  • WLAN support
  • GPS support
  • Accelerometer
  • 1GB or more RAM
  • FM Radio


Oh come on Valve...

Also take a break if you're under tress when playing online games :P
Here's example from CrazyBearMcG#2899


Forget the blockchain, my bet is on the tangle. Everyone interested can find instructions here Bitfinex and trade the BTC to IOTA.
After that you can withdraw your iotas to your wallet. You can find more info here about the Tangle vs. Blockchain.


WRC spectators at Rally Finland


If you're all ready stuck with the S-Bank.
Here's a way to getting around S-Mobiili root restriction with Xposed Framework and RootCloak.


Open source community pushes on. Blender is a great example of an successful project.
Go check what new stuff it has now from here


Maybe this posting thingy will just be automated by my script in the couple of short years


Pro Hemp video here, for all the flower hat ladies and gentlemen out there, recovering from the saturday joys of alcohol. The Most Powerful Plant on Earth?


"I have often puzzled and puzzled, about what it must be like
to go to sleep and never wake up, to be simply not be there, forever and ever.
After all one has some intimation of this,
by the interval that separates going to sleep from waking,
when we dont have any dreams but go to sleep, and then suddenly we're there again,
and in the interim, you have nothing.
And if there was never any end to that interval, if the waking up didn't happen,
that's such a curious thought.
And yet you know, I believe ... although that's rather gloomy kind of consideration,
I found it's one of the most creative thoughts I ever thought in my life.
And I keep going back to it."


One of the many possible futures that human potential could do.


I Found this information for Blender. Just watch the video and then go and download the filmic colormanagement system.


Iron fact in the end part of the talk and speculation about WWE. But you should watch the whole vide. What amazes me is that there was only 132k watches when I saw this video

Plus the Links section has been updated.


Scaary shit what they can do with robotics already. Human obsolense is nearer by every robotic advantagement.


So simple thing as folder and google+, google photos, google album archive can totally screw the thing up
Found two way to set album public, web solution and Picasa Tool for Android


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