Name: Kirjavainen Tero
gsm: +358503534781
Education: Tietotekniikan Insinööri (AMK)
Age: 38
Region: Tampere / Finland

Main trio of skills

Linux servers and environments. Using Linux as a main OS since 2009.
Bash tools & fast and fluent script solutions for small data sizes.
PKI and keystore integration for trusted and secure data connections.

Positions of trust

Work safety delegate at Netum Oy between 1st Jun 2018 — 31st May 2019.
Housing cooperative chairman at Asunto Oy Hauenhaavi in period 2016 — 2017.
Current manager in service at Netum for Koulutusportti service. (Windows, Postgres)
Current manager in service at Netum for Globetel service. (Windows, MS SQL)

Personal hobbies

Documenting the everyday occasions with photography and video.
Administrating a homepage with html, css and php. Simplicity is a bliss.
Walking in the nature with the family.
Occasional small graphic jobs

Techniques used weekly or daily

Solaris: zones, commandline, pkg, SMF
Linux: commandline, apache, package management, awk
Android: adb, apk management, avm
Mixed: Bacula backup, Office 365, Windows AD, Thunderbird, Jira, Teams, Skype, Pidgin, Browsers, Nagios, Confluence, LDAP, AWK, Zabbix, Docker, Ansible, VMware
DBA: Ingres, MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL