2019-03-24 Almost missed this one

Pear with me this is couple of days old news but worthwile to post no matter what.
The payments and banking services provider Zeux has added support for IOTA to their app.
Read more about this news in the Iota blog.

update 2019-03-25
While the support gives me the femine silent treatmen you can go and download the Brave browser from the gift link here.

2019-03-21 Time to throw away your camera gear

Nvidia is still trying hard to make all photographic devices obsolete. Their newest invention according to the DPReview article is A.I. generating photographic images from a simple reference doodlings.

Things you should try today

Have you tried the truly more secure browser that doesn't track you and has tons of customizability.
Well you're lucky today because Vivaldi just happens to give all that.


2019-03-19 Bold claims rocketeer

Nice story from the gas ridden camera world. In the end it depends what kind of camera fits your needs and personal preferences.

2019-03-19 Bold claims rocketeer

According to the news on the cryptobriefing.com there's claims that IBM new inter-bank blockchain solution will be using Stellar project as a bridge between clients. Well I haven't seen any prove yet so let's see and wait.

2019-03-14 Guano tree has no guarantee

No answer from the "support" to my problem, so this means no guarantee what happens to your gift tips if anything... or am I too positive and naive to think there was any to beging with reading these rambles?
Because of the GDRP no statistics are kept on the disk.

update 2019-03-15
72h later and still no answer, seems like they have undermanned support.

update 2019-03-17
120h later and still no answer, support seems to be giving me the well known silent treatment.
How is this helping to solidify the trust to the Brave project?

update 2019-03-18
148h later... makes me feel the support is scam or a legend. How could they organize their supoprt better so users would not have to wait answers, well about a week?

update 2019-03-20
Support paste of doing things doesn't really seem to be the most fastest... still nothing
How does these kind of delays make project appear more professional.

update 2019-03-22
Young project and it shows, for me they did not deliver the experience they promised. Being totally silence doesn't really give a professional image and how could it?

2019-03-13 Same shit everyday

Brave publisher account still under review so no idea what happens if you do a gift tip.
Contacted the publisher support yeasterday but I don't think they are very keen to hurry
or give support for minor publishers like me.
Also depending the reason behind this the claim of "Brave respects your privacy"
starts being a shaky claim in my books.

2019-03-12 Payment Master jumps in

Mastercard is now a crypto scene player with a Groestlcoin debit card cooperation. I don't know but if somebody still thinks that cryptoes won't be a thing in the future payment scene in form or another, they should really think again don't you think?

2019-03-11 3MEAR UltraTech and ClearEAR plugs

I got tired to the yellow foam in my ears while protecting my hearing on the rare concert events.
And tough that there gotta be some decent solution for hearing protection in the form of a earplugs.
Light ducking around revealed that you don't have to spend that much money for filtered plugs.

Stumbled across EAR UltraTech which delivered good result according one Finnish review,
so no comprehensive comparison or forum diving this time. Also these plugs were available at local store.

While at the store my eyes also found basicly the same design featuring ClearEAR plugs and because the price was 3€
I tought what a good opportynity to do a quick comparison between the earplugs and is there any real differences.
So for 12€ you get 3M EAR UltraTech UT-01-003 "musical" earplugs and for 3€ you can get 3M ClearEAR 20 earplugs.


Specs wise things fall like this, according to the packaging.

UltraTech: SNR=21dB H=21dB M=18dB L=16dB

Frequency (Hz) 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Mf (dB) 14.3 15.3 18.1 20.8 21.8 26.3 21.5 27.0
sf (dB) 3.3 2.9 3.6 4.3 3.5 3.0 3.2 4.7
Mf - sf (dB) 11.0 12.3 14.5 16.4 18.3 23.3 18.3 22.3

ClearEAR 20: SNR=20dB H=23dB M=17dB L=13dB

Frequency (Hz) 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Mf (dB) 8.8 11.7 14.4 18.0 20.9 26.4 31.3 36.4
sf (dB) 3.9 3.9 2.9 4.2 3.4 3.9 5.8 5.0
APVf 4.9 7.8 11.5 13.8 17.5 22.5 25.5 31.4

Mf = Mean attentuation value
sf = Standard deviation
APVf = Assumed Protection Value
APVf (dB) = Mf - sf (dB)


Well for my pessimist expectations the price isn't there just for to screw out of the people.
As the packaging upper right icons reveal the ClearEAR muffle the low sound much more
and the overall protection is on the heavy side, making the experience a bit too muddy.
BUT if you're in a nightmarish loud bass saturated bar environment
these would probably provide a nice protection for your all ready alcohol muffled hearing.

What comes to the ClearTech "musical" earplugs, they deliver much more clearer result
Also the longer shaft provides a nice help for inserting and removing these from the ear canal.
But these are cleary my favorites out of these two and I eagerly wait how do they perform in a
real life concert situation, do they provide enough protection and clarity in a such envinronment?

2019-03-11 IOTA performing live in UK

According to the bitcoinexchangeguide.com IOTA will hold a life demonstration at the UK parliament March 12th, which is tomorrow. This just shows how much effort the project is giving for the Iota to become the global standard for the industry. This is exactly the kind of work that's needed for the dream to became a reality in the near future.

2019-03-10 Braving news

Tried to login to the Brave publisher site today and was greeted with this vague message.
I don't know what's behind the message but meanwhile any BAT gifting should probably be withheld
until they reveal more detailed information.

Kind of this is cool to think what kind of conspiracy theory or political agenda they have going on behind the curtains.
Meanwhile I'll wait my frozen contribution millions
Oh and don't forget the rss-feed.


update: 2019-03-11
Situtation remains the same just like the Trumps mission for the borderwall

2019-03-08 The Matador named Enji

Cryptopotato.com tells that Enji Coin has confirmed partnership with the mobile phone giant Samsung.
Every Enji coin owner was surpriced that their coin gained about +75% in response to the news.

2019-03-07 The Flood

I'm just gonna cram all the news I found interesting in this one big flood of information.
If you're anti US country it has been trend to jump the crypto wagon sooner than later.
Lates rumors about the new country backed crypto gang members includes Iran and Argentina

Another country planning on raising the middle finger to Washington leaders is the Italy, which is planning to join the next big international trading venture built by the China.

The Golden anti-Fiat show Keiser Report bonders if the Russia and China are going to bring back the gold standard?

Seems like Samsung forgot to include the market leader in it new crypto wallet solution, according to the Newsbtc.com. Early usage rumors tells that the default supported crypto would be Ethereum instead of the Bitcoin in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and that Bitcoin would not initially supported at all. This just sound a bit weird decission if true and we just have to wait for the official release date 8th of March to see.

The Cryptoslate.com tells the news that our favorite cross platform game engine Unity is going to be supported by upcoming Enjin SDK. As many other crypto project this also if successful, will be a huge new market in the gaming industries since becoming of the mobile gaming explosion.

French police having a shitty day with the yellow vests movement in the land of the frenchmen.

2019-02-28 Be Quiet!

Because silence is gold. Here's a article for you if you feel like constant interrupts by the social media and advertisement industry has to come to a end. Well I got one simple tip for you, silence ALL notifications on your phone, no blinking led no sounds no nothing. Guarantee you feel more calm after a fifteen minutes.

2019-02-28 Something ready maybe?

Most of you probably have already forgot the IOTA project, because they don't really seem to care about the token evaluation
or the hype around the cryptoes. But behind the scenes there's yet another production ready solution for car industries this time, according to the article released by the accessec.com. Personally I really like the attitude of the whole IOTA team, they are there to make the history of the future.

2019-02-23 Mainstream adoption, START!

Crypto related website Coindesk wrote article about Samsungs upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone's crypto capabilities. Personally I thinks this is just another step towards mainstream crypto acceptance. Now I just have to look to my crystalball and see which crypto will be the king of the hill in the future?

2019-02-09 Have you tried the...

Chrome derivative Brave browser all ready? It allows you to auto spend imaginery crypto token Basic Attention Token. Just like fiat currency but no politics or traditional banks included, sounds good right?

2019-01-28 Meanwhile in Finland

Military centric online store got idea to sell Finnish craft beers online, but authorities said no without any particular reason.
Read the whole story here in Finnish, in summary for all the English users the story goes like this. Finnish people can order alcohol from any EU country if they take care of the delivery them self, but can't order alcohol from Finnish webstore because... no logical reason, if it's not spefically allowed it must be forbidden by default in Finland.

2019-01-26 Came a cross with this

While browsing the unfamiliar parts of the web neighbourhoods I found this Offliberty online downloader site. That makes possible to download some online content to be consumed and used later without internet connection.

2019-01-26 Just a track to chill with

From a Soundcloud user Ehrling - Sthlm Sunset


2019-01-24 The Golden Calf

TheBlockCrypto.com tells a news that some has spotted crypto support in the upcoming foldable
Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone. There's a screenshot of the alledged new phone with a claimed Samsung Blockchain Keystore feature. Only problem to me is that this could be just some alpha stage 'Let's try this' developer feature that will be dropped by the release or photoshopped fake news. Even planned leakage from the Samsung to test out the general approval and interest against this kind of feature can't calculated out of the picture.

2019-01-24 Beagel Boy catched by the Europol

Seems like the original IOTA fake seed generator culprit has been catched by the Europol, according to the news by Iota-news.

2019-01-19 French know

How to take liberty seriously and with agains the powers which ain't beneficial for the majority of common people.
French Yellow Vest movement continues to stir the political atomosphere in France and for a good reason. Far too long has the forces of manipulated market made average people choices fewer and fewer. RT.com writes about the situation in France which continues the 10th week in a row.

2019-01-16 Now we go Duckhunting with Apples

According to the spreadprivacy.com the alternative web search service Duckduckgo.com is switching to Apple's MapKit JS for it maps-search results. I just hope this undermines Google's dominance omn the search service markets, monopoly rarely is a good thing for consumers.

2019-01-15 UK parliament rejects the Brexit deal

News from aljazeera.com tells that parliament has rejected the Theresa May's Brexit plan.
Reminds me of the Karate Kid movie "Wax on, Wax off".

2019-01-11 Bravely paint where manufacturer haven't painted at all

For a personal project and not just some news link I chose to be worthy of your time.
The Blog writing tells a story of my small painting project related to my amplifiers knobs.
So this story could be called a knob job. Maybe we should have a holiday by that name.
I just stop here before this gets out of hands and gets too dirty to release.


2019-01-09 The Internet You know

Maybe not be for long if the forces of convetional order get to decide. For Finnish users EFFI Ry. clarifies the current situation happening in the hearth of the EU directive generating bureaucracy machine.

Some madman has been lobbying some where without a speck of common sense and someone equally retarded in the group of apes have tought this good enough idea to process forward.

The Story goes in short like this, if the copyright directives 11 and 13 will pass the publishers are held responsible if some one itentionally or accidentally posts some copyrighted material. In example Youtube is already filtering out or non-monetizing videos that A.I. system finds to be copyrighted for some one else. Nightmare scenario would be that individual publishing would take a huge hit, well this is nothign compared to the link-tax idea those maniacs have ready for us. Article 13th kind forbids sharing hyperlinks if it's interpreted like the copyright fanatics at media industry paylists like to do so often.

In example you would be breaking the law by posting and sharing some news article from some news site without their permission, let's say in your Whatsapp group and why stop there argue the media lawyer why not also make the Whatsapp responsible for your linkings.

As you probably already have, as do I a very grimm painting of the internet of the future if this carries on. So why not for a change we do something else than look those cat videos and Instagram photos and try to keep the internet free4all?

2019-01-03 Well what do you know

Just when the year has changed and Olympus imaging division released, like nothing in the year 2018.
They kickstart the new year with their pro line M-news. I just got a newsletter including teaser
for their upcoming camera release. I secretly wish that Sony has their sensor technology implanted
here because anything else is a let down in my personal opinion.

2019-01-01 Do all consumers think bigger is better?

I have to refer my old post about the increasing size of the smart phones across the manufacturers.
I just had to return to this topic because recently was forced to change to a bigger phone,
no matter of my efforts to try and find a decent specs 4.7" Android smartphone.
So what's the situtation now in the fresh year of 2019 on the popular Finnish electronic sellers.

Verkkokauppa.com has like nothing in the 4.7-5.1" sized phones.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7, over priced, physical home button and old Android 6.0
  • Samsung Galaxy J7, Too big at 5.2" , physical home button plus all the Samsung's bloatware.
  • Nokia 3.1, Current market thinks that 5.2" is supposed to be small?
  • Samsung Galaxy J3, First that fits the size category at 5.0" but has a physical home
  • LG K9, First that could be considered if LG had a better reputation of building Android phones.
  • Catepillar S31 and S41, Pricey and physical home button, probably because of the IP68-protection.
  • Ulefone S7, well first time me hearing about this manufacturer, otherwise could be considered.
  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, manufacturer thinks that 5.0" is compact and should be priced as premium.
  • Lenovo Moto C Plus, Nothing badly wrong but plastic case and no notification light? wtf...
  • Motorola Moto G 5th Gen, Almost but no cigar this also has and physical home button.

So at Verkkokauppa.com there was close three contenders that could barely be considered
as a "small" phones near ~5.0" upper mark. (LG K9, Ulefone S7 and Lenovo Moto C Plus)

So let's jump to another big reseller in Finland the Gigantti and see what do they have.

  • Nokia 1, Size is there at 4.5" but OS is a shaved version of Android Go
  • Catepillar S31, this was reviewed already on the earlier section
  • Catepillar S60, I don't know why IP68 casing should be this pricey?
  • Doro 8020X, physical home and experience that Doro is aimed for the eldery

So my personal opinion and conclusion?
No, the market still doesn't have anything usable in the Android 4.7" sized scene.
Some Apple fanboy will scream his lungs out at this stage and tell you to by a iPhone XS,
But who has that kind of money to spend locked down non-customizable phone+OS combo?

My old Lenovo S660 relic served me well without the HD-gaming thirls until I dropped it too many times.
Of course you always could go some super small kickstarter phone
like the Jelly project, whish is probably too small to be usable.

ps: I don't do spell checking...

2019-01-01 New Years 2019 speak from the president of Finland

Traditional new years speak from the Finnish president, can be found spoken in finnish and swedish from Yle Areena.

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