2020-06-03 Time ditch the extra weights

A story floating around the internet today is that city of Hamburg in Germany maybe ditching Redmond operating system for a open source alternative like some Linux distribution. There ain't much more than a peliminary plan and a decision to switch to hop in the open source van.

2020-04-24 Time Try something new

Censorship video blocking and region locking, changes are you have encountered some of these once or twice while using big corporation video service. Time to give the smaller contenders a change, so why not try out the LBRY video service.
The service acclaims to be truly decentralized video sharing service, which seems to be true.
You can use the web page https://lbry.tv or download the cross-platform application here.


2020-03-13 Play Corona Card

Sometimes you don't need the reason, here's a video. Maybe you spend time watching it or not, who knows.


2020-03-04 Simplicity is a bliss

There are many over sized startup companies trying to lure investors to give their money for unproven dreams. Then there seems to be these innovators who show the world how it should be done. I feel, I don't know but George Hotz seems to be one of those. Watch the video and think a moment what's your own opinion?.

2020-02-11 Metal Disk Statistics from 2019

Blackblaze.com has released nice statistics from 2019 considering seceral terabyte hard drive monsters. If these stone cold facts don't help you to choose the next hard drive for your archiving needs, I honestly don't know what will?

2020-01-09 Governing party is getting interested

The Kraken Exchange transparency report shows increased interest
against the crypto scenery on the goverment side.
You can go and see the tweet and report here.

2020-01-01 When the smoke of the new year fades away

It is good to continue with some scientific tire smoke created by Stanford’s Dynamic Design Lab . With a electrified autonomous drift car.

Happy Techno Twenties 2020 !


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