2021-05-08 Blender Annual Report

No matter what you should check the Blender capabilities if you somehow even remotetly work in the field of media creation. Personally I haven't wound any better made free sotfware out there which is capable of shaming those pricey industrial competitors. From the annual report you can read toughts and advancements of the glorious Blender project.

2021-04-28 Long story told in a long interview

Jeremy Andrews writes about the story behind the well known Linux dude Linus Torvalds in a lengthy interview which tries to compress the 30th years of Linux to a blog post. If you're interested about the backstory how did the modern Linux distributions came to be, head to the tag1consulting.com and read the interview there.

2021-04-23 Admit it,you have known this for a long time

Just Gardiner Bryant ranting about the Microsoft corporation for using the paying poor bastards as the testers they clearly don't want to hire anymore, because currency has shifted to the cloud services. But hey, you already knew this.. the thing you didn't know is that there is a working alternative evil to youtube which is called the odysee. Go check the Odysee and Gardiner Bryant rant video.

2021-04-21 Google growing bigger and nastier

Google has a new plan for your advertising data that in my opinion makes it one step harder to optout from their all seeing advertising eye. The name resembles me of centralized authority which will tell you what you should and not consume. You can read more about the Google's FLoC from Ron Amadeo article.

2021-04-21 IOTA Chrysalis Migration

IOTA project Chrysalis Network Migration starts today. What it means is that this is the first truly big step on the roadmap of getting rid of the centralized coordinator which verifies every tangle network transaction. After the migration the IOTA tangle network is on big step close of true decentralized status. I consider this a final test of the project which will define will the project die or success to be one of the world changing forces in the next revolution of digitalizing currencies and connected world of the IOT device world.



2021-01-05 The IOTA project starts to materialize

IOTA project has now a page for the Chrysalis which is a intermediate stage before removal of the coordice, central server that verifies and orchestrates all the transactions currently. When the coordice gets removed in the future, the IOTA tangle network will truly be decentralized protocol. Read more about the migration to the Chrysalis.

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