2018-05-24 buy a appartment from Tampere (repost)

Meager price, good location, short distance from services. What are you st ill waiting for?


Kohdetta myy Kiinteistötalo - Arto Vormisto Oy LKV< /a>

Also some Iota related news here.

2018-02-03 Wanna do something with your cpu?

Well you can go to mining page and start mining and supporting my page. :)

2018-05-24 More GDRP related news

According to the info by OSNews: Microsoft extends GDPR's rights to all of its customer.
Article also tries to subtly remind us that the corporate world doesn really care about your rights
before they make them lose money and profit or until goverment gives some regulative order

2018-05-10 Before changing your phone

Consider the following generations and the carbon footprint your decision will have on the planet. After that you can read this consciences burning fact sheet from www.fastcodesign.com

2018-05-10 Ever wondered

How to mount partitions from a dd image? Well you got your answer right here.

2018-05-09 Which city is the capital of metal

Let's find out and vote, you can find the project page here, www.capitalofmetal.fi

2018-05-03 Qubic(iota) details revealed

What I understood it's all about real world integration and liquid transactions between currencies like EUR/USD. Also long predicted smart contacts were promised on the teaser video.
One thing that wasn't explained were outsourced computation, meaning excatly what for Iota?
Watch the video and keep speculating.
What I think is that Liquidity is straight competitor for QASH World Book.

2018-04-28 Gimp 2.10 released yesterday

GIMP 2.10.0 is released. This release is said to contain the result of 6 long years of work according to the release notes. There ain't too many opensource alternatives for Adobe dominance, but to be frank the Gimp haven't never been the fastest tool out there.

What I found in my short test was, shortcut improvements - use of shift key, wrap tool enchanged usability, unified transform tool - no more jumping between transform tools, over 16 bit color support, general speed improvements.

Overall I encourage all old and new Gimp users and curious people to give new release a try.

2018-04-25 IOTA Tangle snapshot at Sun 28th of April

The IOTA team has announced that an IOTA network snapshot will be taking place next Sunday 28 January. Read the full column and the instructions what to do before the snapshot.

2018-04-24 Fujitsu refers that IOTA is their new automation standard

Finder.com writes that Fujitsu is going to use IOTA as new standard across both IT services and manufacturing. you can read the full article here.

2018-04-20 What did I write yesterday?

Google just can't decide... and tries everything when something doesn't come a viral hit instantly.
The Verge - Chat is Google’s next big fix for Android’s messaging mess

2018-04-19 goo.gl will be discontinued

It just doesn't cease to amaze me how dumb decisions Alphabet (Google inc.) continue to do.
First they hatchets Picasa, destroy usability of their photos service while they create this tangled and crippled
monster they call google+, which is fusion of Picasa, Google Photos, Google Drive and everything else.
After all this they some how come to a conclusion that making two IM apps (Duo&Allo) instead of Google hangouts.
Who remembers their Gmail integrated IM service before these?

Referring to Google talk which also was burried by Google's incapability to choose direction and sticking on it.
Most recent decision is shutdown of goo.gl url shortener, which is really well suited to shorten down those annoying Google drive kilometer long url's I sometimes have to share.

All I have to say is "Oh dear..."

World Of Goo

2018-04-18 IOTA charging station is going live today

According to news published by IOTA News, read the article here.

2018-04-18 Facebook container for Firefox

For you to be more in control of what data is shared about your identity and activities.
Now all we need is Chromium to have same kind of add-on. www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/facebookcontainer/

2018-04-16 RSS feed for the site

For all those people who are too lazy to open the browser to see the updates. Here is the oven warm rss feed.

2018-04-14 Story of the Blender

The backstory of behind the birth and creator of the Blender logo

2018-03-20 TipIOTA project

Pumped to this concept beta IOTA project called TipIOTA
Idea is that you can tip and get tipped by your online comments, videos and other media.
Not a unique idea in the crypto horizont but first for IOTA.
Got my attention would make it even easier to tip someone, without the address hassless.

2018-03-02 Iota Drama thickens

Story of the leaked emails and alleged vulnerability, the hacks can happen at anytime sell sell sell
Then there's the legal threats and official statement of the IOTA foundation.
Finally in my opinion much more objective and anti-FUD approach to the situation.

2018-02-17 Be suspicious

for what you see and consider the truth now days. Also watch this video.

2018-02-16 Cobinhood

"DAG-based coins like IOTA and Nano will be rolled out within the coming weeks"

2018-02-06 buy a appartment from Tampere

Meager price, good location, short distance from services. What are you still waiting for?


Kohdetta myy Kiinteistötalo - Arto Vormisto Oy LKV

Also some Iota related news here.

2018-02-03 Wanna do something with your cpu?

Well you can go to mining page and start mining and supporting my page. :)

2018-01-16 Stupidity of mankind

Majority of the neighbour community fears the unknown. That's why we now have 24/7 lockdown and door codes.. on a glass front door.
Oh man that door code on a glass door will really stop those raping immigrants. Hopefully you do understand the writer being sarcastic here..
Like for real?
Do people really have these kind of unrealistic fears?
I got a question for you, why would anybody break in to your house to rape your child beard vagina or smelly man arse?
And how does that glass front door gonna stop the people that have decided to come and lynch you?

I got a suggestion for you all, how about you turn of that social media machine and all the other electrical gadgets. Pour a dram of single malt to the glass and use those lazy, grey brain cells.

Epilogue: I don't agree with the immigrant policy. But last time I checked I belonged to the minority and that's democracy, so I won't bitch about it, I just vote in the next elections and try to see things from different perspective. Usually the problem is not in the individuals, but in the politics. If you don't know or understand something, maybe you should investigate it...

ps: door code is 2018#

2018-01-07 Carriota Finance Manager

Carriota Bolero release is out. You can read more information about Carriota from here.

Decoupling from Bitcoin

Buy miota with EUR in the near future on Omoku.

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